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Don't Lose Your Voice: Vocal Care Zine


Efa Supertramp has been a punk vocalist since she was 15, and been touring Europe for over 7 years – as an untrained singer the pressure she put on her voice eventually lead to her getting vocal nodules a decade on from when she started screaming.

This zine condenses some of what she learnt after 2 years of battling with vocal problems, struggling within the health system and contemplating giving up singing all together. It includes information about lifestyle factors, self-care routines, warm-ups and alkaline diets. It also features contributions from Ren (Petrol Girls), Ben (Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces), Floh (Ztratila Se Kocka), Craig (Punx in Recovery), Beth Munroe and Jan (The Black Elephant Band).

Get this zine if you’re interested in vocal health or are an untrained singer in a DIY punk band who wants to understand more about what affects your voice and how to stay healthy on tour!

Everyone has a singer in them somewhere....
Let’s keep shouting ‘til we’re grannies!!!